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Toilette an Grenzen für WoMo Anerkennung benötigt? (Sonstiges)

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Was never asked at any border we crossed in S America. Normally they would write down Casa Rodante just because that is what I nominated - but I doubt whether it matters one way or another - although might be relevant for getting mandatory liability insurance. We drove an Iveco Daily high top van for a while and then a F350 with a big camper slide-on

Mexico does sometimes and at some borders, create problems for those with vehicles designated as commercial vehicles on the title or registration papers - larger pickup trucks with campers and even larger sprinter vans - and some vans designated commercial have been refused even though they are fully fitted out as motorhomes. Have heard of some talking their way through when customs officers agree that it is obviously a motorhome, but other stories where hours of pleading have got them nowhere. Similar vans which have been converted and then reclassified by application to the DMV as motorhomes have no problems and can get the 10 year TIP into Mexico.

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