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LPG in SA? (Technisches)

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Brazil has an alcohol/ethanol/biodiese(??) based energy system for vehicles so if you are looking for autogas (propane) to fill fixed tanks then you might have little success. If you want propane/butane for cooking then swap bottles are available everywhere but they are 12/13kg with a special fitting and no manual valve. The regulator for that bottle with a low pressure hose tail is also readily available at hardware stores but it does increase the height quite a bit so may not fit in a normal gas locker. Also bigger in diameter than the regular German 11kg bottles

The fitting is in this lot - centre bottom


My system used two normal 20 pound American bottles so I used to gravity fill those bottles from local bottles as required

It is likely that Brazil has a delivery truck system to fill fixed tanks installed by large users but I never saw one as we stayed out of large cities where they might be in operation.

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