Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Gastank oder Gasflaschen (Sonstiges)

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My advice would be to have both.

If your fixed tank has both the European Dish and Large ACME adaptors then you would be able to get the fixed tank filled in all of North America plus Peru and Chile using their Autogas pumps (attendand will do the filling in all cases.

In addition there will be the possibility of arranging a fill from a delivery truck which generally use the large ACME connector to refill customers tanks.

Then if you also have a US bottle that will also allow refills in quite a few places in several countries.

Or you could also have an european bottle with an adaptor so it ha a female POL fitting so it becomes the same as the US bottle. However the US bottle is better as it has an Overfill Protection Device same as on the fixed tanks

That still leaves Brazil which can be very difficult but in the worst case you can buy a local bottle and regulator and hose and connect it to your gas pipework. On the Hobby I have a separate pipe stub and a valve so I can connect any other low pressure source from a local bottle.



If you use the filters on ioverlander.com to show just the propane entries you will get a very good idea of what is available and where

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