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Gas in Coyhaique/Chile (Technisches)

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Bottom of page 1 at http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/15060-Propane-Install has details of trying to fill from a Chile small bottle.

He says

"The implications here are that you either:
a) Carry enough LP capacity to cover all of your time in Chile (unlikely).
b) Carry enough LP capacity to always be able to reach a major town/city to get to an LP plant to refill your US bottle (very challenging south of Puerto Montt).
c) Have a compartment or mounting position to accomodate small to medium Chile quick-disconnect bottles, plus purchase and install the corresponding Chile quick disconnect valve on your system. The latter is very easy, as the valves are available at all hardware stores in the quick-disconnect service territory. All you need is two hose clamps and a 3/8" brass union.
d) Buy the largest consumer bottle that uses a POL fitting and jumper fill a couple of US bottles.

The other possibility (d) above is to gravity fill from a Chile 45kg bottle using a gravity feed hose with POL on one end and whatever fits your tanks on the other end. Then it should be easy

If you are only using gas for cooking then you could also just buy the bottle, regulator and hose plus a cheap 2 burner camping cooktop

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