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Gas in Coyhaique/Chile (Technisches)

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This is the kit that I used to keep my US bottles filled throughout most of South America,
but of course it would be different to fill European bottles.
I know what German bottles and french bottles look like


but not yours. The POL fitting shown WILL fit the large Chilean bottles - the ones about 1.2m tall that are usually installed to supply houses from portable bottles

Bigger image at https://get.google.com/albumarchive/114611728110254134379/album/AF1QipNYwFu2I...

"How do I get the gas from a Chilean 5- or 11-liter bottle per Umfüllmethode (gravity fill) in my dt. Bottle. It seems possible, there are people who can do it. But how?" I have seen articles from people who have tried but failed but as I said, a skilled machinist could do it. I've used Chilean gas bottles so know the problems. You could buy a chlean bottle and a regulator and hose and just replace your existing boottle regulator and hose with the Chile equivalent.
The Brazilian system is sort of similar but there the fitting screws onto the bottle and opens the valve once the seal has been made so it was easy but the Chilean is all in one click on fitting so not so easy since you would have to pull it to pieces, discard the guts of the regulator assembly and make the connection on the high pressure side of the regulator. Several Bar pressure to be handled so connections need to be secure.

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