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Buying a motorhome in Santiago with CALIFORNIA papers... (Sonstiges)

pickypalla ⌂ @, Brasilien, Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018, 21:43 (vor 125 Tagen) @ Du+Nica

With a "Poder" and i would suggest getting also an "authorization", you can cross borders in whole South America and visit almost all countries.

The exception is Peru! Here you have to be the owner! Some people made it thorugh either way...

And actually here you can see the problem, you have the contract, poder and authorization but you are NOT the owner. You are just allowed to drive and use the vehicle.

In california it´s -i think i read so- also not possible to become the owner without being present. Have you thought about selling it later again. This can be a hazzle...you are not the owner!

Nevertheless if you will decide buying it. Make a contract, the autorization and the poder at a notaria, so it is official -at least.
After this it is very important to clear the TVIP. As long as the seller is written down there you need him to leave the country with you and the car, otherwise the car will stuck in chile.
Go to the next border with him, go out and in with your name in the tvip.

Afterwards you can travel with the restrictions i wrote at the beginning!

By the way: in argentina it is totally forbidden to sell and buy a forgeign registered car! Do not make the transfer there!

Good Luck!

PS: To get a South American registered car, Chile isn´t the best place anymore, but at least you can be the owner and it will be your vehicle. In Chile it´s easy to find pick ups with a cabine or camping cars.

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