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Buying a motorhome in Santiago with CALIFORNIA papers... (Sonstiges)

Du+Nica, Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018, 18:52 (vor 125 Tagen)

Hello everyone,

We are in Santiago and we are looking for a motorhome to buy so we can start fulltime RV living and travelling [1].

A few minutes ago we caught a classifieds-like advert for a motorhome being sold near here for a very low price: it's a very old one but we think the vehicle would suit us, and the seller swears "everything works", and presents as the sole reason for the low price the fact that the vehicle has a CALIFORNIA (ie, USA) title.

We've read about people in our situation (ie, foreigners) buying foreign vehicles in Chile and being able to drive them around with the original documents plus a "poder" (which we understand is some kind of notarized document where the seller declares we are now the legal owners of the vehicle), but how well does that work? How could it restrict us? Anything in special we should pay attention to? We will of course subject it to a complete mechanical inspection, but we are really worried about the documentation part...

[1] If you are interested, more about our story here: https://imgur.com/KhokBLz and here: https://imgur.com/a/gZDIX

Thanks in advance for your help,
Du y Nica.

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