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Gas in Coyhaique/Chile (Technisches)

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Possibility at Peurto Aysen but not definite for EU bottles. Said to fill US bottles

One place where you are will sell you a Chilean bottle and can buy a regulator and hose at sodimac

Both are on ioverlander

The big tall chilean home gas bottles have valves and POL outlets and separate regulators so could be used for gravity fill if you have a gravity fill hose with POL fitting on one end and EU fitting on the other.

Lot more chance if you buy the adaptors you need - large ACME to your bottle, and POL to your bottle. Same problem will come up all over S A

In this case http://mableyliu.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/buying-butane-in-argentina-when-you.... in the reverse direction.

I read a blog once where someone had tried pulling the chilean regulator apart to get rid of the regulator and make a high pressure connection but it did not end well. Would likely be possible if you had access to a machine shop and knew what you were doing

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