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For Sale: 3300€ Fiat Fiorino 2013 van from April in Columbia (Sonstiges)

hessi9, Dienstag, 09. Januar 2018, 22:05 (vor 559 Tagen)

After 18 months travel through South America we have to give away our small mobile home - sadly, it's great. It is an only 5 year old Fiat Fiorino 2013 that needs only economically 6-8 liter fuel per 100km.

This Brazilian van performs great at the rough south american roads so we had no problems with the small roads, dirt roads, narrow bridges, bumpy roads, stream crossings... - even off-road at the bolivian red lake worked well. Only extremely muddy roads aren't usable, but we had it only once where several 4x4 cars got stuck too. 

As the car is only 5 years old the technic works well - motor, breaks, control, horn (essential in south america)... The only thing not looking well is the frame - the reason for the cheap price. It works well, but looks really old from outside. We never cared about this as a cheap looking car has the advantage: you can park it everywhere without fearing someone will break into.

It is equipped with everything you need, may need to present at police controls or hopefully never need to need - so ready to take off. It has:
- a sleeping surface for 2 with mattress, a blanket and 2 pillows
- a table
- several storage boxes
- several jerry cans for water and fuel
- usb charger and 220V adapter (we never need)
- steering wheel lock
- full cooking equipment (stove, pot set, plates, cutlery, grater...)
- need to present equipment for all countries (extinguisher, ...)
- emergency tools (extra wheel, car jack, tow rope, snow chains, tools, ....)
- ... extra supplies ...

The car is registered at Chile so it is problem-free crossing any border in south america.

Contact at Marcel Hesselbart - Hessi9@yahoo.de
Pictures can't be linked and can be found at the homepage of my profile or email me and I srnd you tye link

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