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Corrupt traffic police Argentina (Straßen & Routen)

Travelgiant, Donnerstag, 04. Januar 2018, 16:24 (vor 878 Tagen)

Corrupt traffic police Argentina

Sunday the 17 th of december, our second day in Argentina, we passed at about 80 km east of Santa Fé (RN 18) a fixed checkpoint of the traffic police. We had to show all our papers (driver's license, license plate and insurance) on which the car was checked carefully. It was immediately clear to us that they were looking for something to keep us up anyway. And yes, they saw the towbar. This should not sit on it. I said that I was not aware of this, especially since the previous day when I was entering Argentina nothing was said about it (incidentally I did my story entirely with Google translate because none of the servers spoke English and I do not speak Spanish).
My driver's license and registration card were confiscated and I had to report in their office, which was on site. There I was told that I had to pay 5.750 Pesos (US dollar 300, -!) Fine. However, I had already read on I Overlander that this checkpoint was manned by corrupt servants and that paying by road does not legally have to be done in Argentina. I was offered a discount of 50% if I would pay cash on the spot. I refused and offered to solve the "problem" on the spot by unscrewing the tow bar. The officer informed me that I could do that, but that it was too late for the fine. I continued to refuse to pay and started to release the tow bar. from my car.
All in all, after one and a half hour of delays, I put the loose towing hook at the desk on his desk. I had the impression that he was beginning to understand that I was not going to pay anyway. He started scanning my driver's license and I got it back, along with the registration card. He then informed me that later on, at the next checkpoint, I would be arrested again and that I would then have to pay the full pound (!?). I have accepted this for notification and we have driven away. Afterwards we passed three police checks around Santa Fé that same afternoon, but we did not hold on to that day (anymore). Now, after four days of Argentina, we have passed 18 police blockades together and held up for a total of 7 (!) Times.
Moral of the story: DO NOT PAY ALONG THE ROAD IF YOU ARE IMPROVED BY THE POLICE IN ARGENTINA !!! (and certainly not if it is, according to your firm conviction, an unjustified matter).

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