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Neue Strafen im Aufenthaltsgesetz in Brasilien (Sonstiges)

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Art. 20. O visto de visita terá prazo de estada de novata dias, prorrogáveis ​​pela Polícia Federala por até noventa dias, desde que prazo de estada máxima no País não ultrapasse cento e oitenta dias a cada ano migratório, ressalvado o disposto no § 7o do art. 29th

I was told that this rule only applied to those who had to pay big money for their visas while those who got in with a free visa could not renew their visa in-country

I was probably just lucky about 6 months ago when I flew back into Brazil with a fresh visa and drove out in my camper which had been parked in Brasilia for nearly a year.

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