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Ausreise von Argentinien nach Chile und zurück (Sonstiges)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2017, 22:28 (vor 202 Tagen) @ keine Ahnung von niks

There are hundreds of travellers who are back home for christmas and have left their cars in Argentina. I agree that it is the law that they shouldn't do this but it has been going on for many years. Same with Uruguay until the recent major hassles which may or may not be over.

Your family cannot even drive it in Argentina without a poder although they may not get pulled up about it if they have the same family name. Normally a TVIP will cover a wife driving provided that marriage can be proven, but even then the TVIP holder is generally travelling too so it isn't a problem

I know a couple of people where family members take turns to use the MH and they had power of attorney drawn up back in Europe (in Spanish and English) and signed by officials with lots of stamps and that has worked out OK for crossing borders. Best if as well as the Poder, they have copies of your drivers license and passport plus copies of pages showing entry stamp into argentina.

As always, what others get away with doesn't mean you will have the same experiences.

Tony Lee
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