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Wohnmobilkauf in USA oder Kanada (Sonstiges)

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Another way to do it is to form a Limited Liability Company LLC in Montana and the LLC buys and registers the vehicle which can be bought anywhere in the USA. It has no sales tax and no vehicle inspections and registration can be renewed online - or if the vehicle is more than 10 years old then you can get permanent registration. We do use an LLC agent who does all the paperwork and provides a montana address. The cost of setting up the LLC is less than what many states charge in sales tax anyway.
We got insurance that covered USA and Canada through progressive insurance.

Then when you need to sell the vehicle - wherever that is, you just sell the LLC, notify the changes to the LLC directors and the vehicle stays registered to the LLC so very easy to do.

Having permanent registration or anual registration renewed online means you are always driving legally unlike those states where registration becomes invalid because mandatory insurance isn't paid or annual inspections aren't done.

BTW British Columbia does seem to be the province of choice for buying a car in Canada as you will notice when you get down south, But it is the hardest place to transfer registration - almost impossible in fact - unless you are actually in BC

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