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Much ado about nothing.

Use the filters on iOverlander to show only fuel stations and then read through all the info on a few to get an idea of how the system works.

As an example, the last time I filled up was in Uyuni and less than a full load wasn't an option. Attendant said he couldn't help because there was a policeman on duty. I asked him to ask the policeman if 6BOL would work with no receipt required. Policeman walked over and said 6.5 would suit him better. Done deal. Filled the tank and 2 20 litre cans as well. That is $1.25 australian which is cheaper than many stations charge here in Australia.

Another time the boss said no way so I asked if they could fill a can. No problem. The attendant held the can and a length of clear hose in one hand and motioned me to take the cap off the vehicle tank and filled my tank from the pump with the other hand. Go figure what that was all about.

It CAN be a problem but worst case is tou might have to visit two or three stations (my record was 6 but that was pre-iOverlander days) and then pay international price. So what. You get your tank filled at a price which is little different to waht most of us pay back home anyway.

Last trip we were never totally refused. Many times direct fill into tank at local price or maybe up to 5BOL and a few times we had to fill a jerrycan at local price and walk it to the vehicle parked out of sight (which was only for the benefit of the cameras rather than the attendants

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