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Quite possible that smart lawyers will give you major grief if you have a serious accident. Any contract entered into on the basis of false information is automatically invalid. The Vienna Convention on Road traffic requires that as the principle condition for entry into a country under a TVIP or Carnet d' passage, the vehicle is at all times legally registered and complies with all technical requirements back in the state of registration and that valid registration papers be carried at all times.. Once the TUV expires, the technical requirements are no longer met, the registration is invalid, the TVIP will be invalid and logically the mandatory liability insurance will also be invalid. Are you feeling lucky?

However, every second vehicle you see driving around the Americas comes under this group, and a large proportion of the rest make no pretense of legality by having fake vehicle papers and even false number plates. No problem for the first two years if you have a TUV or 1 year if you have a smog check in California or a safety check in New South Wales, but after that ....

Some people get really upset that they can't do what they feel like because their own country won't cooperate so they feel justified in breaking the law in third world countries (which not surprisingly also have third world prisons and legal systems to match. However, there are states and countries that do make it extremely easy for travelers to take their vehicle on the road forever and at all times be registered legally back in that state or country so doing things the hard and illegal way is not absolutely necessary..

As for selling the foreign vehicle to a foreigner - in nearly every country it is flat out illegal. Of course we all have our favourite ways of getting around that "minor" problem and I have done it three times without incident but I know of a few cases where things have gone wrong and people have had their vehicle confiscated (and I have an official confiscation notice to prove it). There are always laws to cover any situation and while it is pretty obvious they are not strictly applied in many countries, there is never any guarantee that every traveler will be so lucky

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