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Dieseltanken in Bolivien (Planung)

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Have a look at ioverlander. Select the filter for fuel stations and read some of the remarks and you will see iut is very easy to pay 6Bol or less for fuel right across Bolivia. Only idiots pay foreigner price - usually those who don't bother getting fuel when they can and keep their tanks always more than half full so they always have options.
The police presence is a bit of a red herring. At Uyuni we pulled into the station and asked for sin factura price and attendant pointed to the cop on duty. I suggeste he ak the cop if 6 bol would be OK. Cop came over and said 6.5 would give him a bigger cut so I said done, fill it up - so the attendant did - and filled the two jerry cans as well. Several other places we got the tank filled at the local price and when they were reluctant, we just drove out, parked and walked back with the jerry cans and got them filled at the local price.

At places that filled at the local price, I always tipped generously by figuring the total out using 5 bol per litre and paying that. Win-win

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