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There is no formal shipping office at Corumba - or not one that I could find anyway and all of the boats are moored together on the western end of the waterfront.

Friends who did the same trip a couple of years ago gave me these contact details for an agent
Here the one we used

Evaldo Pinheiro

Pinheiro Commercio e Servicio

Transporte de Cargas, Gardos, Passageiros e Maquinas em gerais


He only organizes from Corumba to Porto Jofre.

The other way round is close to impossible.

Wrote two emails to him but got no reply.

I mentioned the danger of disembarking at the logical place right on the end og the road into Porto Jofre. We arrived at night with a crew that maybe had had a few sips from the bottle of spirits someone had given them as a tip and with a heavy vehicle it would have been dangerous in the daytime. I'll add a marker on iOverlander to the place we got off which was very easy http://app.ioverlander.com/places/36378-balsa-disembarkation-point

Tony Lee
Photos at https://picasaweb.google.com/114611728110254134379
Travels map at https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=5cfc50ef7ac22ca2d&hoursPast=2400&...

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