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Wasserentkeimung mit Bleach/Chlor/Javel (Technisches)

weltreisende.ch ⌂ @, Samstag, 07. Januar 2017, 09:57 (vor 1243 Tagen) @ IVECO Tony

Hello Tony,

thanks for help.

My request is Making water safe to drink requires much less bleach.

As I noted in my first request I found on the www a lot of different informations, from 1.5 ml for 100 liters to 100 ml for 100 liters. Both of them with 2.5%
If I calculate with your example 0.1 ml per liter (5.25%) i get the result of 20 ml 2.5% for 100 liters.

I am quit confused.
Best regards
Werner:-D :-D

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