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Gasflaschen USA (Technisches)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Freitag, 06. Januar 2017, 23:51 (vor 1235 Tagen) @ time-and-out

US bottles by law have to be fitted with an overfill protection device to automatically limit the fill volume to 80% of full. Even with an adaptor you would be very lucky to get anyone to refill your european bottles.

South america you might have more success as each country has a few places that are willing to go to a bit of extra trouble (even though it is also illegal)

What I have done is to buy a local bottle and have a high pressure hose with matching fittings so you can refill your own bottle from the local bottle. The US bottle can be refilled in most countries except Brazil so if you have room to carry it and make up a gravity fill kit, you will be set for most of the rest of your trip


My kit is for refilling US bottles from several sources in SA. Hoses and most fittings are readily available in the US or from europe

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