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Solarpaneele liefert keine Energie (Technisches)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016, 18:15 (vor 1242 Tagen) @ Birgit & Franjo

Assuming your panels are nominally 12v and your battery is also 12v, it is quite possible to run the system without a regulator as long as you are prepared to monitor the battery voltage at least once an hour or so.

Photograph the connections at the regulator, or otherwise mark the 12v input (from the panels) and output (to the battery).
First assume the two negatives are connected together inside the regulator and disconnect the two positive cables and twist them together. Might be a tiny arc but it won't hurt you. Check if the battery voltage is rising. If it is (assuming the sun is shining) then the job is done. Check battery voltage as needed and if conditions are good enough to get the voltage up to the normal end of bulk charge voltage of say 14.4v but may vary depending on whether you have gel batteries, then you can untwist the wires. Rrepeat process once the battery voltage gets down to say 12.4v. Given your location, I doubt whether you will ever have to worry about overcharging, and once you get familiar with it, you might find you can just connect in the morning and disconnect at night and rarely bother checking it.
Also suggest disconnect at night.
If nothing happens when you connect the two positive leads together yhen you will also have to connect the two negative leads together. Just take care not to short wires together or to grounded metal.

If still nothing, then check for broken wires or blown fuses

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