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Tankstellen-Netz Mittel- u. Südamerika (Straßen & Routen)

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question is sensible as there are a few routes where fuel may be scarce and where many overlanders choose to travel. Obvious one is the lagoon route between Uyuni and San Pedro d a where road conditions can mean your fuel consumption can be much higher than planned.
Another one is the bottom of Chile mainland where if the fuel station in Villa OHiggens is out of fuel - which is was when we were there, then you need more than 400km range. There are other routes where fuel stations are shown but where they are long closed down, and of course the fairly common problem of fuel stations being out of fuel, or there being a kilometre-long line up or as happens quite frequently, there are local blockades and strikes that prevent fuel deliveries for several days or even weeks at a time. For instance we crossed over Paso Sico into Chile and when we got to San Pedro the fuel taank was close to empty and we of course had no Chilean money and all the ATMs in town were out of action. Credit cards weren't being accepted either. Those are the situations it pays to plan for. In our case we had a reserve supply big enough that we could carry on to the next big town to fill up.

Makes sense to have a couple of quality plastic fuel cans but only fill them up when necessary.

The other very good reason to have cans with you is in Bolivia it is quite usual to be refused fuel at several stations in a row so there you need to keep your tank as full as possible and if refused, then quite often they will fill a can even if they refuse to fill your vehicle. That can also mean the difference between getting fuel at the local rate instead of the foreigner rate

BTW Doris, without knowing what you are driving, it is hard to give specific advice. Even some fancy 4WDs have such small tanks that don't have sufficient range to do any serious overlanding

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