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oneway Ticket (Papierkram)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Sonntag, 13. November 2016, 21:08 (vor 553 Tagen) @ Huku

Similar experience for us - last port out of EU insisted on seeing a return ticket but we also had all the papers for our vehicle so they accepted that.

A cheap bus ticket will not often work according to some who have tried it. Ferry or plane ticket seems better.

Turn up at the airport as early as possible with copies of your credit card and bank statements - hopefully with healthy balances and credit limits plus a reasonable amount of US dollars in cash plus a carefully crafted printed itinerary giving dates, hotels and towns from arrival to leaving the country. If the checkin person gets huffy ask to speak to a supervisor and show him cash and credit cards and explain it. If that doesn't work you will have time to buy a full fare full refund ticket out to the next country dated for 60 days in the future and when you get there just cancel it and get your money charged back to your card. Nothing is guaranteed though and I have had my story accepted every time except once when I had to buy a ticket out and cash it in later. Not recommended if you are travelling with minimum funds though

Very likely that unless you have dreadlocks down to your knees and look as if you haven't eaten for a week, that the immigration officer won't even ask about the return ticket as it is the airlines that are supposed to police it.

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