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Wie/wo Gasflaschen in Brasilien füllen? HILFE bitte! (Technisches)

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We bought a Brazil bottle. Then at the hardware store bought a regulator with hose and bottle fitting.

Could have then connected the rubber tube to our vehicle propane system on the low pressure side of the existing regulators.
However I already had a heap of gear set up for gravity filling of my existing bottles so I unscewed the bottle fitting out of the brazil regulator and bought a couple of couplings and bushes so I could fit it to one of my gravity fill hoses

Works perfectly and by using cold wet cloth on the recipient bottle and pouring hot water over cloths on the top donopr bottle, I can get my US bottles full in about half an hour.

No need for a stop cock on the Brazil bottle end. Screw the fitting into the US or European bottle first with that bottle valve off. Then screw the other end into the Brazil bottle. Then open valve on foreign bottle. Reverse the process at the end. Lose a little liquid in the hose, but can avoid even that if you want.

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