Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Bolivien-Paraguay, Ruta 11 (Straßen & Routen)

Jan Adriaan, Montag, 04. April 2016, 13:59 (vor 837 Tagen) @ lira2014


Sections of the rd closed from 7am-12pm. Open 12-2 then closed again until 6pm. Working on the rd until 2018 between entre rios and villa montes.

We don't have any photos of this place yet.

I found this on ioverlander

Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: -21.504883, -64.168559
Altitude: 1263.4 masl
Contributed By: beef.lambert Iconpopout

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