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Versicherung für Mercosur Staaten (Reisebericht)

Tom @, Samstag, 25. Juli 2015, 16:00 (vor 1884 Tagen) @ Lark

Hallo Lark,

leider hab ich von Alberto grad eine Absage bekommen, Originaltext von Alberto;

Unfortunately it seems that the new regulations applying to selling insurances to foreign vehicles are in force.
I couldn´t find any insurance company that could issue the third party liability insurance,

According to this new regulation from the Control Office (SSN), is not allowed the selling of insurance to any vehicle that is not registered within our borders country.

My apologies but there´s nothing that I can do regarding this matter,
Maybe you could try with small companies, that although they are not very reliable, at least they can give you the necessary papers for you travel across the Mercosur.

My best regards
Alberto Fiorito

San Cristobal auch Absage, keine Versicherung für ausländische Fahrzeuge;

langsam wirds kritisch:-(

Gruß Tom

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