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Gasflaschenadapter (Technisches)

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Most of the bottles here (most of the Americas except Brazil) have a female POL fitting so adapting your bottle to that would be what you are looking for

My rig is all-propane so we go through it pretty fast so in Brazil, I had to buy a local bottle and make up a gravity-fill hose so I could fill my bottles. They have the regulator sticking straight out of the top of the bottle (no valve) so was too tall to fit into my gas locker.

iOverlander database has a few places where you can get European and USA bottles filled. Easy in N and Central America but less easy down south. Possibly impossible in Brazil

As someone suggested, get a high pressure propane hose say 600mm long with threaded fittings on each end and European, POL and Brazil connections that can be fitted to the hose. TRhat way you can refill your bottles from local bottles. Top one is the Brazil bottle


The Brazil fitting you can get by buying the fitting+regulator+low pressure hose from most hardware stores and just unscrew the bottle fitting.

https://www.google.com.br/search?q=mangueiras+e+reguladores+de+gas&espv=2... shows the Brazil system

This is the one I bought


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