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Campervan for sale in North Chile - in may (Reisebericht)

rosansabine, Montag, 20. April 2015, 18:33 (vor 1699 Tagen)

We purchased this CamperVan in Puerto Montt in December 2014. Since then we have driven through Patagonia, Chili, Argetina and we are currently in Bolivia. Our plan is to get back and sell the car in North-Mid Chili at the beginning of may. Date and place of selling is negotiable.
The van is in good condition and drivable on gravelroads. Inside it's decked out with a large, comfortable double bed on top of 4 large storage compartments. Also there is a couch between the frontseats and bed, so you can take more people with you, and still you have a lot of space left. Fuel consumption is about 480Km per 40litre tank.

Petrol 4 cyclinder 2.4L
Plenty of space in the front with the facilitaty of 3 seats
Strong tires, they work perfectly on gravelroads
Spare Tire
Spare battery
Cooking equiptment includes; cutlery, pots, cups, glasses, pans, thermo bottle etc
Spare bench seat which we have used as lounge outside
Store away table (excellent for eating outside
Beddding includes two big, soft comfy pillows, a thick woolen blanket and sleeping bag which we used as a blanket.
20L Jerrycan
Tools i.e. jumper cables, jack, socket set, screw driver etc
Tinted windows with curtains, which is great for sleeping!
Security, steering wheel lock
Some extra´s like a broom, a roaster for cooking on campfires, torch and snorkel gear.

So far, we have the most amazing trip with this ideal Van. It is efficient with fuel as it has a small 4 cylinder engine. It literally has started first time everytime, even when we have left the car for over a week to go trekking. All paper work is up to date and we will help you with the difficulties of transferring ownership of a car in Chile.

http://drivetheamericas.com/forums/sale-awesome-campervan-may-chile-mitsubish... for photo's!!!

You can send us an email to: rosanrinsma@gmail.com or koendg92@gmail.com

Koen & Rosan

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