Urwaldschutzprojekt in Paraguay braucht Eure Hilfe: Pro Cosara

Kennzeichnung Camper mit weiß-rot gestreiften Warnbändern (Technisches)

IVECO Tony @, Wherever., Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014, 20:03 (vor 1502 Tagen) @ stephan

It is interesting how the phrase "I have carried xyz for 25 years and never been checked for xyz" somehow interprets to "You will NEVER be checked for xyz so no need to bother carrying it".

Just needs one instance of one person being checked to show that interpretation is wrong.

Refusing to pay a fine levied on a fake infraction is easy to justify, but it is pretty hard getting indignant about being fined for something that is in the rule books.

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