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Toyota 4Runner 1999 with rooftop tent in Colombia (may/june) (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

JulienChartrand, Samstag, 14. April 2018, 02:47 (vor 7 Tagen)

- Available for sale in mid may to mid june 2018 anywhere in Colombia, Ecuador or Peru (flexible time and location)
- Toyota 3RZ-FE engine (2.7L 4cyl)
- 5 speed manual transmission
- Registered in the state of Washington
- Rooftop tent, fully-equiped for long trip
- 2WD (rear-wheel drive)
- 210k miles
- Very good condition

We are Julien and Mélanie, a Canadian couple traveling for 5 months in South America, starting in Buenos Aires in January and finishing in June. At the beginning of our trip in Argentina, we bought our car, a Toyota 4Runner named ‘’Darryl’’, from a lovely couple of canadians who spent a lot of time preparing the car for their overland trip and then travelled from Vancouver, BC to Argentina in 18 months. The transfer of the vehicle was a simple process, and a friend of us helped us taking care of the paperwork back in Washington state.

We hope to find new good owners that will get to have a similarly amazing time with Darryl. Perfect for a couple, but can fit up to 4 persons as the back seats have not been removed. Can handle almost every road and has a very convenient rooftop tent. As with all Toyota 4Runner, the car is very reliable and can be serviced at a low cost everywhere in the americas, and retains a good value at high mileage. Since we left Buenos Aires in early January, we didn’t have any troubles with the car, and the 2WD wasn’t a limitation for us anywhere in Patagonia, Chile and Bolivia.

Additional Technical Details:
- 5 all-terrain tires (Front tires replaced 17k miles ago, Rear tires replaced 3k miles ago, almost unused spare tire)
- New radiator installed 33k miles ago
- Oil changes every 3-5k miles
- Spark plugs, spark plug wires and fuel filter 10k miles ago
- Full comprehensive service done in Punta Arenas 4k miles ago
- Regular fluid checks and top ups
- Universal joints and engine manifold gasket replaced 25k miles ago
- Rear differential resealed and oil replaced 28k miles ago
- Air filter cleaned and replaced regularly
- Includes spare full set of replacement belts (three belts) and new air filter

Equipment included:
- CVT Mount Rainier rooftop tent installed on a Yakima roof rack
- Includes inside LED lighting, high tread-count cotton sheets (fitted and top sheet), two pillows with pillow cases
- Hidden documents/Electronics safe with digital pin pad entry and back-up key entry
- Wooden collapsible table
- 2 light weight camping chair

Full set of cooking equipment:
- Camp chef 2 burner stove
- 1 Gallon Steel Propane Cylinder tank (Can be filled anywhere, includes hose to connect it to the stove)
- Full set of plates, bowels, mugs and cutlery for four people
- Coleman Cooler
- Cooking utensils (cooking knives, peeler, slotted spoon, spatula)
- Non-stick frying pan
- Chopping board
- Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink 20L
- Kitchen towels, cleaning sponges, etc.
- 2 10L water jugs for portable water

Tools, safety and rescue equipment:
- 2 20-foot tow straps
- Air compressor
- 2 tonne cable puller (come-along)
- 2 traction pads (put under tires in sand/mud for extra traction)
- Full set of basic tools (Screwdriver, Allen key set, needle nose pliers, pipe wrench, crescent wrench, full socket set in metric and imperial)
- Hatchet and saw
- Standard tire change and repair kit
- WD-40
- Electrical tape
- Tire patch kit and emergency inflator canister
- Pop up cone and reflective triangle
- Fire extinguisher
- Bungee cords
- Assorted screws, nets, bolts, etc.

Other gear:
- Lockable steel core roof straps for locking tent and attaching surfboards, kayaks, etc.
- Inverter to charge laptops, camera batteries, etc. (2 US wall plug spaces and 2 USB charging slots)
- Full set of plug converters

Known Issues:
The car is in very good condition, often mistaking for a much newer car. The car has very minimal rust, as it passed its first 17 years on the west coast. However, there are a few very minor issues.
- Minor tear in driver’s seat
- Minor rust on the bull bars attached (cosmetic only)
- Minor paint scratches on the roof

Feel free to contact me by email at julien.chartrand101@hotmail.com

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