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Container sharing summer 2018 Germany -> Canada (Vancouver) (Verschiffung)

defender2travel, Dienstag, 27. März 2018, 07:40 (vor 30 Tagen)

just a little reminder :-)
CONTAINER sharing this summer from Europe to Canada (Vancouver)
Looking for someone who wants to share a container from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Vancouver (Canada) this summer! We are shipping a Land Rover Defender for driving the Panamericana :-)
Arrival of the container in Canada will be 6. August 2018.
(shipping around 5-6 weeks before) Anyone who is interested?

Container sharing summer 2018 Germany -> Canada (Vancouver)

xeon @, Donnerstag, 12. April 2018, 11:10 (vor 14 Tagen) @ defender2travel

not planning to ship anything yet, but just interested - what's the price?

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