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For Sale: 3300€ Fiat Fiorino 2013 van, March-Mai in Columbia (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

hessi9, Montag, 22. Januar 2018, 01:22 (vor 34 Tagen)
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After 18 months travel through South America we have to give away our small mobile home - sadly, it's great. The main advantage of this small cargo van is space to live at. It is equipped with a big sleeping surface (~180x140) for 2 persons up to ~2m tall, that gave us the freedom to stay where we like to be (national parks, beaches...) and cut of travel costs about 50% by saving most accommodation costs.

The car itself is only 5 year old (~150000km) and needs economically 7-8 liter fuel per 100km. Even if it is a quite new model the technic of this Brazilian car is old-fashioned, so it is easy to get it repaired at any car mechanic. The car performs good at the rough south american roads so we had no problems with the small roads, dirt roads, narrow bridges, bumpy roads, small stream crossings... - even off-road at the bolivian red lake worked well. Only extremely muddy roads aren't usable, but we had it only once at a "swamp" where we need to assist stuck 4x4 cars too.

As the car is quite new the technic works well - motor, breaks, control, horn (essential in south america)... The only thing not looking well is the frame, the reason for the cheap price. It works well, but has several bumps. We never cared about this as a cheap looking car has the advantage: you can park it everywhere without fearing someone will break into.

The car is equipped with everything you need, may need to present at police controls (extinguisher,...) and emergancy repair stuff you hopefully never need - so ready to take off.

The car is registered at Chile so it provides problem-free crossing any border in south america.
Contact at hessi9@yahoo.de


For Sale: 2800€ Fiat Fiorino 2013 van in Columbia

hessi9, Freitag, 09. Februar 2018, 23:19 (vor 15 Tagen) @ hessi9

As we want to make future plans for asia 2800€ are ok too.

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