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Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober) (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

popotla @, Montag, 09. Oktober 2017, 19:14 (vor 66 Tagen)

Land Rover Defender Td5 110 County Station Wagon (2005) for sale

As of today 135,344 km from new (first registered December 2006); Oman licence plates, one owner from new

2.5-liter (90kW /122PS, torque: 300Nm) turbo-diesel engine comfortable with the range of fuel quality found in South America

Five-speed manual transmission with high and low ranges and locking differential

Power-assisted steering, ventilated disc brakes front and rear, electric front windows, aluminium wheels (spare is mounted on bracket affixed to body rather than directly on rear door), radio and mp3 player

Under-body protection bar, internal anti-roll bar, two fire extinguishers

Extensive sound dampening: entire floor (cab and rear section), rear-section side walls, all door interiors, transmission tunnel, bulkhead and bonnet/hood

Anti-theft/security features comprise locking wheel nuts, ignition immobiliser, “Meck Lock“ (key-operated device for mechanically deactivating clutch and thus rendering vehicle undriveable), very heavy-duty steering wheel chain and padlock, internally-mounted window grilles (side and rear), grill between cab and rear section, Chubb mortice locks on each of the five doors (in addition to normal locks)

„Front Runner“ full-size aluminium roof rack with three metal storage boxes, rear-mounted ladder, Safari snorkel, heavy-duty front and rear bumpers, hinge-down protective grills for headlights

Top-quality and strength tow gear and shackles; spare air, fuel and oil filters

Original fuel tank (75 l) + two auxiliary tanks (60 l + 40 l) giving total capacity of 175 liters (fuel gauge does not work), fresh-water tank (44 liters) + external tap

The fitted Eberspächer space heater, diesel operated, is not in working order but can be repaired, presumably; in any case is good only for altitudes of below 1500 meters unless special kit is fitted, in which case it can be used up to 3,500 meters.

Three-battery electrical: starter battery almost new (replaced about 5,000 km ago); Engel 40-liter fridge/freezer

Fitted double bed, two full-length Coleman „camping mats“ and two airbeds, fitted book shelves in the rear (could be discarded but very useful for storing and ordering all kinds of things) + small set of shelves in the cab (for maps, books etc.), removable wooden table for cab (fits between seats), LED lighting in cab and in rear section, full curtaining in rear, two Coleman folding chairs and folding aluminium table, four 10-liter water containers, various boxes and other containers

Our Land Rover has served us well - most recently in Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia - and has been well cared for. About 5,000 km ago we bought four new tyres and shock absorbers. The interior has just been stripped and professionally deep-cleaned. We are selling because for health reasons we want to be in Europe and plan to buy there another vehicle. We're at present in Bolivia or could sell in northern/central Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay.

Please send a message.

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

Melanie @, Montag, 09. Oktober 2017, 20:48 (vor 66 Tagen) @ popotla

Hi there,
we are a couple from Switzerland arriving on 20th October in Santiago de Chile and we are looking for a car. Could you sell the car in Santiago de Chile? Could you send us some pictures and your price suggestion?
saludos Melanie

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

SD @, Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 18:31 (vor 65 Tagen) @ Melanie

Hi Melanie,

Can I send you a private message?

Grüß popotla

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

SD @, Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 18:35 (vor 65 Tagen) @ SD

Hi again, Melanie,

Or e-mail me, please.


Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

Melanie @, Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 20:26 (vor 65 Tagen) @ SD

Yes of course, here my mail address: strickermeli_13@hotmail.com

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

Sven @, Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017, 23:23 (vor 64 Tagen) @ popotla


We are two Germans and have one year of. Me and my girlfriend are at the moment in Chile moving in the next days to Bolivia. We are searching for a vehicle to travel through the rest of South America and interested in your car with off-road qualities. Maybe you can send me a few photos an a price range for your car.

Greetings Sven and Carolin

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

SD, Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017, 15:48 (vor 63 Tagen) @ Sven

Hi Sven and Carolin,

Can you send me, please, an e-mail address? With thanks.

Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

Sven @, Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017, 16:14 (vor 63 Tagen) @ SD


Land Rover Defender Td5 zum Verkauf (ab Mitte Oktober)

Deniseroithi, Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017, 18:54 (vor 54 Tagen) @ popotla

Hello. We are an Austrian couple Starting our Journey beginning of jan. Is your car still available? Could you Send me private e Mail please?


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