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Offroad Motorhome for sale in Columbia 07/08 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Sebastian, Montag, 12. Juni 2017, 22:30 (vor 165 Tagen)


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Sadly we have to return to Europe in the end of August. Therefore we are selling our partner. It is based on a Defender Serie III (minimum of electronics, reliable mechanics) produced and upgraded by Santana. The engine is an IVECO Diesel.

Initial registration: 7/2007 (Germany)
Mileage: 85000
TÜV (TIA): 7/2018
Number of previous owner: 1
Asking price: 15950 € fully equipped
Time: July/August
Location: Columbia
Tires: BF-Goodrich Mud Terrain 6 Month, 6000miles
Maintenance: workshop check every 2000miles (oil change sucre, Maintance: workshop check every 2000mile (new steering and V belts Cologne, fuel filter change Foz, cooling, oil and oil Filter change Sucre, new shock absorbers Lima etc.)

2.8L, 125hp, heavy duty engine from IVECO with diesel pre heating system
2WD, 4WD, 4WD Low Range, special off road chassis (very high clearance, strengthened springs)
Additional 120W LED search lights, 4t winch, underide guards, strengthened bumpers, snorkel, 2 range extender tanks, 3 jerry cans 20L on outside carrier, sandboard carrier

not simple 4x4 or SUV; a real off road vehicle ordered by the spanish military (our car has only been in private ownership:1)

Lifting roof with bed, solar panel extra batterie 100Ah, 240V and 12V, 5V networks, LED lights, tank for water, tap, sink, diesel vehicle heater, gasoline cooker, gasoline lamp, shelfs, drawer, marque…

GPS Navigation GARMIN for Europe and South America but Venezuela, GPS/gsmr tracker (thievery protection),
wrenches, screw diver, hammer, saw, axe, shovel, tension belts, div. spare parts (filter, oil, braking fluids, pipes etc.),
fully equipt kitchen (pots, pan, cups, plates, cuttlery,boxes etc.), little library including english guides, towles, blankets….

We gonna organize and pay a notary who will make out a document „poder“ which allows you to use the car in South America (always provided you have an insurance which we also arrange - with discount until 20th of July) If you are interested in our car we will send more detailed pics on WhatsApp or via drop box)


Topp 3 FAQs

Sebastian, Freitag, 23. Juni 2017, 17:14 (vor 155 Tagen) @ Sebastian

We are receiving 3 questions frequently:
1st: Could you bring it to another country?
We already booked the flights for August from Bogota. Therefore we are only able to bring it to Ecuador or Venezuela if you cannot make it to Colombia. Only other option would be shipping to the place you want it.
2nd: Is it poosible to get the car also after August?
Yes! Either in Ecuador during the next 12 month or in nomans land between Columbia and Ecudor without a time limit. In Columbia and Venezuela October would be the last option.
3rd: Why are you selling?
Back home we are living in big city where Diesel cars are forbidden. For another big trip in near future we will not have time and/or money.

Offroad Motorhome for sale in Columbia 07/08

Sebastian, Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017, 23:29 (vor 135 Tagen) @ Sebastian

Hi everybody, our WhatsApp just crashed and we saw different messages from unknown numbers which we cannot find anymore. If there is somebody interested in our car and didn't get a response via WhatsApp - please contact us again :)

Offroad Motorhome for sale in Columbia 07/08

Sebastian, Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017, 22:36 (vor 128 Tagen) @ Sebastian

Sold :)

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