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Toyota 4 Runner 2007 for Sale (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Marla, Mittwoch, 11. April 2018, 19:43 (vor 9 Tagen)

Where: Santiago de Chile, or Valparaiso or Pichilemu. (different location arrangeable)
When: From the 20th of April on, but can be earlier if needed
Full camping equipment (stove, pots, pan, plates, a bed) + roof box
second battery system for power points, lights and fridge

Make: Toyota
Model: 4Runner
Year: 2007
Engine: V6 SR5 (4th Gen)
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: Gasoline
Mileage: approx. 245,000km at time of sale (more or less)
Fuel Consumption: Approx. 700km per 75L tank.
Standard Features: Airbags/Cruise Control/AC/Heating/Bluetooth Stereo/Electric Windows etc (all the standard things for this model, all working) including a Power Rear Window (super fancy) giving you internal cooking options and clear epic views from the comfort of your bed.
Tyres: All Terrain (Plus a full sized spare wheel).
Body Condition: No body damages but a few bumps/scuffs/scratches/paintwork peeling on the bumpers. It is not a new car, but we didn't see rust.
Mechanically: Totally sound! No mechanical issues now or with previous owners.
Dual Battery System, with automatic isolator (to prevent draining the starter battery).
Outlets installed in cabin to provide both 220V and 12V power. 750W inverter, and plug to switch the cabin electricity to a 220V power source when available.
Two 15l water tanks with pump underneath the car.
5kg Cooking Gas Cylinder (Chilean), with fittings and Cooktop to allow easy cooking inside or outside the vehicle, without moving the bottle. On/off regulator for safe removal during transit. You can get 3 months cooking from one bottle.
Second Portable Butane Fuelled Gas Cooker (Cocinilla), great for picnics or cooking on benches at campsites.
Secure Rooftop Box with extra straps to give strength in strong winds (necessary in Patagonia). The box holds a huge amount of stuff safely and securely.
Secure Rooftop Tube for additional storage, especially longer items.
12V 8L Waeco Fridge (Australian) installed in rooftop box. Dual 220V and 12V converter for fridge installed under the hood, with switch to choose power source.
Full Cabin Lighting connected directly to house battery.
Thick Double Bed Mattress and all linen in rear, designed specifically to allow space to move inside/sit-up with head clearance in bed/cook etc during bad weather (even with a surfboard hanging at the ceiling)
Blackout Curtains throughout (vehicle does not look occupied at night when all curtains closed, particularly useful when stealth camping).
Removable Benchtop/Camp Table with fittings to be used inside and stood up to be used outside.
Storage Shelves installed in both sides of the vehicle, sufficient for clothing and personal items for 2 people.
Additional Storage on both passenger doors, to keep personal items and camp chairs (also adds additional security by barring access to the cabin).
Food Shelf installed at rear for access inside or outside the vehicle.
Pull-out Clothes Line fitted on the roof
Spare Water, Oil, Fuel and Gas Storage System (on roof).
• WIFI Dongle (super handy for planning on the road).
• Front Dash Camera.
• Wheel Lock Arm.
• Camp Chairs.
• Sun/Shade Parasol for you, Heat Shield for the car
• Bed Sheets, Blanket and Pillows.
• Full-sized Towels.
• Kitchen Equipment: Frying pan, cooking pot, plates, bowls, cups, chopping board, spatula, tongs, bread knife, vegetable knife, steak knives, standard knives, forks and spoons, wine and beer bottle openers, can opener etc.
• Clothes Pegs.
• Plastic wash bowl.
• Thermos Flask.
• Basic Tools and supplies for routine maintenance.
• Safety Kit and Fire Extinguisher.
• Wheel Jack, Electric Tyre Pump and Air Pressure Gauge (needed for managing tyre pressures when going onto sand etc).
• Removable Fly Screens for carefree ventilation.

The car is registered in Chile and has had all of the regulatory inspections, with associated papers up to date.
A maintenance record has also been roughly kept up to date (receipts etc with card papers).
• Standard oil and filter changes (every 10,000km)
• Fuel Filter changes (every 20,000km)
• Air filter changes (every 20,000km)
• New spark plugs at 130,000km
• New headlight bulb at 165,000km
• New brake pads at 180,000km
• New AT tyres at 180,000km
• New house (Second) battery, installed at 180,000km
• New starter (Primary) battery, installed at 216,000km
• New AT rear tyre, replaced at 220,000km
• New AT front tyre, replaced at 225,000km
January 2018 - Passed all aspects of the Revision Tecnica (including steering, breaks, lights, tyres, suspension, emission and more - all checked and clear of faults)
-->Revision Tecnica valid until 02/2019
-->premiso de circulation & SOAP until 04/19

The Price is CLP 6m, negotiable.
Text us via Facebook, whatsapp +4915158712294, or email jakobquade@googlemail.com
Cheers, Jakob Edauq and Marla Stein[image]

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