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FOR SALE: 2008 Toyota Tundra 4x4 + FWC Hawk pop up camper (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Nicolucamarc, Montag, 09. April 2018, 16:25 (vor 11 Tagen)

Ideal for 2-4 persons.

Fully equipped for panamerican travels. Available mid/late june 2018 in Equador/Peru/Colombia. (flexible in time and location)

$ 28.000 USD (or best offer)

We are Nico and Denise, an austrian couple travelling through south america since 3 months. We will be finishing our trip end of June. We got incredibly lucky to find this car and to meet the lovely family we bought it from. Car and camper are well maintained and thanks to the previous owners and builders extremely practical for a panamerican adventure. „skywalker“ is the best camper solution we could have imagined for our six month travel.

Welcome to contact us – also via nicolucamarc@gmail.com

Truck description:
- Toyota 5,7L V8 engine (gasoline; range approx. 500k per tank)
- automatic transmission
- 2WD/4WD + 4WD low (perfect for deep sand)
- double cabin with big storage under back bench and 40 liter water container with hose
- approx. 115 000 miles at time of selling – very good condition
- registered in the state of washington => transfer of vehicle into your name is very easy with help of Alex Smith (also for non US-citizens)
- 5 wheel tire rotation every 5000 miles (heavy duty tires)
- Garmin navigation
- console safe
Camper description:
- Four Wheel Campers – Model: Hawk Pop up (interior costumized) => very good condition, we are second owner of the camper!
- sleeps up to 4 people (sheets and pillows included)
- seating area (transforms into bed)
- 2 solar panels on the roof which charge 2 camper batteries
- inside-camper diesel heater
- self-sufficient for weeks
- fridge: Nova Cool
- storage compartments – storage bins for clothes, food and other belongings
- big side awning: Fiamma
- gasoline 2 burner stove for inside and outside use
- full set of cooking gear (all you need ☺ pans, plates, knifes, cutlery, etc details on request)
- kitchen towels and cleaning gear
- 2 light weight camping seats
- light weight table
- self-made collapsable wooden table for fast use
- 20 l water container for inside and outside use
- chemical camping toilet: Domestic (good condition)
- fire and CO2 alarm inside camper
- roof storage box on camper roof
- roof racks and straps
- ceiling fan
- inside and outside LED lights
- vacuum cleaner 12V
- 110V inverter

Tools, safety and rescue equipment
- Air compressor
- Recovery strap
- Fire extinguisher
- Toolkit
- Leveling blocks
… and many other useful items ☺[image]

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