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1998 4x4 4Runner for sale in Panama/CR in April/May 2018 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

ivanbustor, Mittwoch, 04. April 2018, 02:42 (vor 17 Tagen)

[CENTER]More info, pictures, videos: Helga - 1998 4Runner for sale — Ivan Buštor Photography
Video of the car: [MEDIA=vimeo]263076441[/MEDIA][/CENTER]



When we bought the car, I was very careful to choose a well maintained car. After having experience of driving 58000km around South America with a similar car, I know what I was looking for.

This Toyota had almost all the important bits, that could fail and damage the engine, changed by the previous owner, that was taking care of her meticulously, so despite the bigger mileage, I had no doubts about it at all. It's a Toyota, after all :) The main maintenance that was done before I bought it:

After we bought it, I had it checked by suspension specialist in Mexico, and had replaced the lower ball joints, some bushings, tie rod end and sway bars. I also changed the starter battery, transmission oil, and regularly change the oil using fully synthetic for maximum care for the car.


Too long for this forum - see the webpage for more details :)


We'd like to sell the car to some travelers that would go back to the US with it, or continue driving south. The car is perfect for the journey, ready for an adventure, and an extremely common model throughout the americas. We're only selling, because we've done the whole Panamericana now :)

The location would be ideally in Panama or Costa Rica, around the end of April or beginning of May - we know how to sell the car, and it is 100% legal, no shady power of attorneys, the car will be yours.

[CENTER]Price: 6000 USD or best offer

Contact: [email]ivan.bustor@gmail.com[/email] or facebook: Ivan Buštor

For serious offers, we're more than happy to travel somewhere further. Write us :)

More info, pictures, videos: Helga - 1998 4Runner for sale — Ivan Buštor Photography
Video of the car: https://vimeo.com/263076441


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