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School bus fully equipped/ elegant interior/ 8 beds (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

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Thomas Built Buses School Bus

- Lenght: 11,75 meters/39 feet
- Beam: 2,45 m
- 2003er model
- approxm. 220 k miles/350 k km
- Weight: 13 metric tons

Since we bought a school bus in Alaska in the end of August in 2017 and converted it into a mobile home we are travelling the Panamericana towards the southern most tip of South America. Currently we are in Colombia.
In the end of May we will reach Ushuaia. With the ending of the journey the bus is intended to be sold.

The Thomas Built Buses Sat-Liner has a flat front end as well as a front engine. The vehicle provides everything you need:

The front part
When you board the bus from the fron main entrance and walk up the few stairs to the wooden parquet floor you will see the comfortable drivers seat. Afterrwards two huge speaker towers will catch your attention. The left one is located directly behind the drivers seat on a book shelf. The right one is based on shoe shelf right besides the entrance.
Next, you will look at the citchen that is located in the front part of the bus as well. The citchen board made of massive cherry wood provides space for an anodized aluminium sink, for a propane cooker and for the food. Underneath the board on the left side you find a shelf for food and accecoires covered by two white mdf-flips which are rounded by wooden strips. On the right side there is the fridge (12V) and the propane tank. They are covered by a curtain.
On the opposite side of the citchen is a couch for three people with storage space beyond.

The mid part
When tourning away from citchen, couch, bookshelf and loudspeaker towers on each side a four seat place with a cherry wooden table in between appears. This eight people fitting dining accomodation is made of the original school bus seats which consist of red-brown imitation leather. Under the right hand side table there is the central electricity fuse box easy to reach.
Subsequently, the two stock beds on each side will manifest oneselfes. They provide 80cmx200 cm sleeping space for eight people. Their wood is oiled and to the raw structure white mdf-plates are added to give the surface a clean look. When not travelling with eight persons one bed can be easily used as storage room. Every bed has a USB charger and a fan.

The back part
You enter the bath room via a sliding door made of wood.The bathroom appears with a spacious shelf, a natures head self composting toilet, a sink on top of a closet, a roomy shower, a mirrow and rakes for towels.
You get access to the bathroom by the back door of the bus. That is secured by a lock.

The eletric applifications such as the all throughout the bus installed LED-lights, USB chargers, power inverter, water pump or soundsystem are powered by three 110 A/h deep cycle board batteries. Besides them the bus has three usual starting batteries. The board batteries get powered by the autonator. Apart from that the bus has a big honda generator as a backup. The power inverter gurantees that 230 Volt devices can be loaded. But in general, the electric system of the bus runs on 12 V.

Water supply
Underneath the bus we installed a 400 liter/105 gallon water tank. After the tank gots a steel cage. Is was attached by bolts. On top of that two strong truck straps held the tank in worst case.
The water moves to the facilities by a powerful water pump, that gives the water pressure automatically. Alterntively, you can switch it on/off in the citchen.

We bought the bus in used but well maintained condition.
During our journey we brought the bus to motor- and transmission oil change service. On top of that we changed the front tires, oiled the leaf springs, let be inspected the bearings and took care of our bus whenever it have been neccesary. The bus consumes 30 liter/100km and a lot of oil. Cruising speed is 80 km/h but it goes faster.

-spare wheel attached underneath the bus
-Honda generator
-Seats for outside

Beides the fact that the bus never broke down and it has been a trusty travel vehicle whereas our journey from North to South this vehicle stands for a lot of comfort even for big groups and it provides due to it continous windowline a bright panorma view.

To illustrate how the bus looks please visit this link
Der Link für Bilder des Buses

We would like to recieve price offers from you to find a realistic price.

Email: rom.98@web.de

Other specifications

Enginge: 240 HP Catapillar, 6 zylinders
Transmission: Alley automatic 5 gears
Breaks: Airbreaksystem

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