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Phil and Jessi @, Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018, 17:43 (vor 26 Tagen)

Hola Chicos!

We're selling our beloved campervan 'Hubert' in March in Santiago de Chile (or somewhere else in the centre of Chile). Hubert used to be a school bus until we converted him into a lovely campervan which supposed to be our home for 4 months, travelling through Patagonia. Altough it's hard to let him go, we're sure he'll be in good hands!

Details about Hubert:

· He's a yellow Toyota Hiace 2.4 (petrol engine) built in 1999/2000. Hubert already travelled about 360.000 km in his life and will do a lot more as his Toyota engine is invincible.

· Hubert is driving on four pretty new tires. The battery is brand new and the altenator was recently updated (the carbons have been worn-out which was actually our only issue with Hubert).

· As the technical interior of Hubert is working smootlhy, the only deficiencies are a door that can only be locked from inside and a window which apparently opens when driving dirt roads - but probably we'll fix this.

· Hubert is a fully equipped campervan for 2 or 3 people ready to start your adventure! You'll find anything you need to sleep, cook and live in Hubert such as blankets and pillows, a gas stove and cooking equipement, a camping table with 4 little chairs, a 10l water tank, a nice 'parilla' for preparing the best chilean barbecue, a 15l petrol canistre, a little toolbox, a 230V power invertor, some brand new roof racks and a lot of storage inside for your own stuff. Self-made curtains as well as lanterns provide a confortable and private atmosphere. The guitar completes a relaxed evening.

· But as pictures tell more than words, scroll down and have a look inside our baby!

Our plan is...

... to sell Hubert somewhen at the end of March in Chile.

... to find someone who treats Hubert at least as well as we did.

... to get 9,500 USD (or 7,700 EURO).

Don't hesitate to contact us!

E-Mail: philippnotheis@gmail.com / jessi.simona94@gmail.com

Whatsapp: 0049 15734764067


Phil, Jessi and Hubert!

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