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Reduced Price: 4'000€ for fully equipped Kia Besta Van (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Melanie & Michael @, Montag, 19. Februar 2018, 18:40 (vor 29 Tagen)

For Sale: KIA BESTA 2.7l Diesel (2001) 4'000€ including flight!

Green KIA Besta 2.7l Diesel from 2001 with Chilean plates for sale second half of February in the north of Chile (e.g. Antofagasta). Running very nicely, well maintained, low fuel consumption. Will be at around 482’000 km at the time of sale. 4'000 € or best offer.
Exact place, date and price of sale can be discussed. Just write us!

Pictures can be found on Facebook via this Link.

We bought this car last November (for 6'200€) and are now heading north, this is why we'd prefer selling in e.g. Antofagasta.

Flight or bus (as preferred) ticket to e.g. Antofagasta included in the price for people arriving in Santiago.

If you're looking for space and comfort, a very practically organized and charming interior that makes you feel at home and a rolling harbor that gives you independency for several days - this is it. For our part, we love travelling with our Kia, got accustomed fast to this way of getting around and don't miss a thing.

Technical Overview
The core of this car, the engine, is in a good condition. It was treated with very regular oil changes and has never let us down. Unlike some turbo-charged models, this engine is feasible of making up to a million kilometres and doesn’t seem even remotely close to the end of its life. A plus of the high mileage: You know it’s not faked (as many cars are in these parts).
The rear (drum) brakes were replaced by the first owners, we replaced the front (disc) brakes. The front wheels got new bearings and upper suspension just recently (December). The gears and transmission work fine and got regular oil changes. The complete lower structure of the car is in very good shape, there is hardly any rust.
We also sponsored the car a new alternator, new glow plugs and a new front battery.

The car is equipped with still almost new General Grabber AT2 tyres with a good profile and is driven via its rear wheels. This makes the KIA suitable for almost all terrain. We've crossed riverbeds and climbed steep gravel roads.
The diesel consumption depends strongly on the way of travelling and the quality of the roads but is generally very low for a vehicle of this size. With a large share of highways and paved roads, it can be as low as 8 litres for 100 km (around 30 miles per gallon). With bad roads, consumption rises to around 9 or 10 litres per 100 km.

Due to the characters limit of this forum, you'll find the parts on the car's interior, its equipment and its flaws on Facebook.

Be reminded that any foreigner who wants to legally buy a car in Chile needs to obtain a so-called RUT (tax registration number) first. We can tell you about this process and help you if you have questions. It's not a big deal.

Now if you’d like to travel South America or just Chile, which probably offers ‘travel material’ for several months already and if you're looking for a practical car with easily transformed bed (other cars need to be laid with planks and mattresses...), a lot of well-organized storage and a good vibe, you might be the perfect future inhabitant of our KIA!
With this car you can see the most beautiful places of the continent, evade tourist hotspots, save money otherwise spent for hostels, comfortably cook your own meals, spend your nights wherever you like and enjoy sunsets, volcanoes, beaches, mountains, rivers and more - like we do!
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or remind us of things we forgot to write about.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Melanie & Michael

WhatsApp +41 79 266 48 20 (faster answers)
e-Mail michaelfehr@bluemail.ch
Or via Facebook

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