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Mazda 323 - Colombia - Best car to explore - 3200$ - 05/201 (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Paulsanders, Montag, 29. Januar 2018, 17:44 (vor 27 Tagen)

My name is Paul - German Ingenieur 30 Years - and in January 2017 I bought this Mazda in Bogota, Colombia. I took it on a big circle threw the country. There was no street we could not go. We where two people and where pretty fast and agile on the road. In Colombia the streets are pretty good, but also in the national parks, to get closer to the hikes, we had no problems. It uses very little fuel - very economic. I loved it espacially because it was very narrow - so they was no hussle in the traffic of the cities and very light - so it could clime the many mountains there are. I bought it from a friends uncle - but that does not mean anything :) we drove the car for three months without any problem then I left it with a good friend in Bogota. This april I will go back to Colombia and use it another month but then I would sell it, if it fits to somebodies plans - rather than leaving it again for long. I have a serious job now :)

I will prob fix a new batterie, change the oil, candles, filters and make a big check. It will have fresh obligatiry technical check in April.
Modell Mazda 323 - Sedan



1500 ccm


5 doors


April/May 2018 - Bogota Colombia

Tell me what you think about the price! Please.

Email me please : paul_sanders@gmx.de




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