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4X4 Chile/Juni im Angebot -Grand Nomade mit Dachzelt/Camping (Fahrzeug abzugeben)

Jan, Donnerstag, 01. Juni 2017, 17:25 (vor 177 Tagen)

Hallo zukünftige Reisende,

Wir sind nun so gut wie zurück in Santiago und möchten unser Auto wieder verkaufen.
Ich hoffe ihr könnt alle Details aus den englischen Text lesen?
Die Kurzversion lautet:
Suzuki Grand Nomade mit Dachzelt und kompletter Camping Austattung - geringer Verbrauch- gute Allrad Fähigkeit.
Es ist zur Sicherheit der eignen Sachen eine Box eingebaut, damit man von außen nicht sehen kann was drin ist. Außerdem verhindert es Diebstahl, was sehr verbreitet ist in ganz Südamerika.
Papiere sind soweit alle in Ordnung, ihr braucht nur eine RUT, dabei kann euch aber auch geholfen werden.

Bei Fragen und Angeboten meldet euch einfach auf meiner Nummer(nur per Whatsapp möglich) oder per Email.
Schöne Grüße Isabell und Jan

Hello Travelers,
We want to sell our great car because of the end of our trip in South America.
It's a Suzuki Grand Nomade JLX 2.0 of 2004, in excellent conditions.

It's 4X4, so you can activate the 4 wheel traction whenever you want. And save gasoline in conventional roads. It's possible to go below 10L/100km!The other use easily about 15l, that saves a lot of money, since benzin is expensive.

We can sell the car somewhere between Antofagasta/Iquique and Santiago de Chile at the beginning of June.

Last technical inspection passed on 31.8.2016. The garage check it just passed in end of march.Last garage review on 21.3.2017. The car almost never gave us any problem since we bought it. We changed the brake disc and brakes, repalced oil and filters and also spark plugs. Also tires have been changed. Also the drive belt was changed.(about 1400 Euro)
The vehicle has only 159.000 kilometers now and we will sell it with approximately 162.000 kilometres.

It has automatic transmission. As easy as pie. Perfectly working with never a problem and so comfortable to drive, especially when driving conditions are hard due to crazy traffic around (which you will certainly encounter in your trip) or tough paths.

The car is fully equipped with everything you may need. It has: 2 emergency triangles, 2 reflective safety vest and extinguisher (never used); snow chains; Thule roof racks; portable car battery charger; a roof top tent(1500€), with a real soft mattress, warm homey blanket and 2 nice pillows inside, that proved to be more comfortable than most indoor accommodations; cute handmade furniture, with huge safe box (for your luggage etc.) and fully equipped kitchen (including also kitchenware and dishes); a wooden foldable table with chairs + 2 additional camping chairs; outdoor shower; shovel, foldable bucket and cleaning tools; 2 water tanks; 2 multi power charger; 2 fuel canisters for range extension (30l in total); 2 coolers (one small for the beach and a big one for storing all the food which needs to be cooled);and some other small extra tools.

The car counts with all the papers in order. The transaction will be totally legal and we will guide you through it. We would prefer to get the money in Euro by Bank transfer, which we did as well, when we bought the car. It's a lot easier and you don't have to bring huge amounts of cash. But can do otherwise too.

Welcome for any question:)
Just contact me via email: lorenco@web.de or via WhatsApp: +491633764110 Price leaves a bit room for negotiations. Make me an offer.
Kind regards, Jan & Isabel

Links for pictures of the car (if you want to see more pictures, I can send them to you per email and Whatsapp):


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